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Traditional Recipes - Treacle Toffee

Treacle toffee and parkin are part of Bonfire Night in the North of England, especially in Yorkshire.

Bonfire Night or Guy Fawkes night takes place on November 5th all over England - learn more about this centuries-old tradition by following our History and Heritage link.

The last tour of the LancasterAuthentic season coincides with Guy Fawkes Night, so why not experience it first hand! With a very leisurely pace on our walks, plenty to visit, a fantastic firework display behind the medieval Lancaster Castle, roaring is guaranteed to get you in the mood for Christmas!


1 pound sugar
condensed milk
2 tablespoons black treacle
2 ounces butter

Put all ingredients in a large saucepan and dissolve the sugar over a gentle heat. When all the sugar is dissolved, bring the liquid to the boil. Be careful - if your saucepan is not large enough then the mixture will boil over! Keep the liquid on the boil for a few minutes, stirring to stop it from sticking. Test when the toffee is ready by dropping a tiny amount into a cup of cold water. If it is ready, the mixture will not dissipate, but form into a small, hard lump. Turn the mixture out into a greased, shallow baking tray. Whilst the toffee is set but still warm, cut it into squares. Leave to cool.


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