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The finest small group vacations in rural Britain


Employment Opportunities

Employment opportunities exist in the U.S., Canada and the U.K. with LancasterAuthentic

U.S. / Canada

Sales Positions:

We have several sales positions available in the U.S. and Canada.

If you have links with people who love British history, heritage and the countryside, then take advantage of our continued expansion this year and beyond.

We provide our customers with a solution to the growing demand for quality vacations giving real experience, relaxation and insight. We provide you with an excellent earning potential, an enhanced package & flexibility of working.

Call JoAnn on 636-946-9342 or email Jo Ann

United Kingdom

Walking Guides &Driver-Guides:

LancasterAuthentic currently have places available for walking guides and driver guides in the following regions:

Yorkshire Dales area

Both walking guides and driver guides MUST have lived in the area where they are to guide for a decade or more, and be involved in the region where they live. In addition, you need to have a sound knowledge of history, flora, forna and geography for your region and Britain in general. Just as important, you will be highly personable.

Walking guides must naturally be experienced hikers with excellent navigational skills.

Driver-guides should have any necessary qualifications and insurances for the vehicle they drive. Enquiries from both PCV and less than 9 passenger vehicle drivers are invited.

Email your details for further consideration.



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