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Health & Walking

Top 10 reasons for fitness and health through walking
Everyone knows nowadays how important fitness is to personal well-being both physically and mentally. In prosperous western societies where obesity is an increasing problem, we see the message reinforced through the media in addition to official government and health authority advice. But for many, the idea of starting a “health drive” is such a hurdle that they never get started, or if they do, it tends to be an unsustainable diet or exercise plan they can’t keep to.

One exercise often overlooked, which is easy to incorporate into most lifestyles and is sustainable long term is ….walking!

1. Walking burns calories.
A brisk walk can burn up to 100 calories per mile. So walking is good for you and keeps you slimmer. The average person walking briskly will burn 100 calories in 15 – 20 minutes.

2. Walking is aerobic.
Walking is an aerobic exercise. This type of exercise gets the heart beating faster meaning blood is transported from the lungs to the muscles and your body becomes more efficient at using oxygen.

3. Walking improves blood pressure levels
Walking as an aerobic exercise in turn makes the heart and lungs grow more efficiently if you walk regularly. This in turn reduces blood pressure and the heart rate at rest.

4. Walking = Well sculpted body!
Aerobic exercises such as walking burn a lot more calories than other forms of exercise. Many people are surprised that just through regular walking, your body can become slimmer and more well-sculpted.

5. Walking is good psychologically.
It can give a general sense of well-being, it can be relaxing, relieve depression or anxiety. Medical research has shown that regular aerobic activity will increase the body's production of endorphins. This in turn can reduce stress.

6. Walking is better for you than jogging
By walking at a moderate pace, people can burn fat at a faster rate than those who jog the same distance. The difference is that walking a certain distance takes longer than jogging, so more time is spent boosting metabolism and shedding fat. The longer the walk, the greater the benefit.

7. Medical research backs this up
Yes, it's all backed up by research. As Reuters news agency have reported: "Walking cuts heart disease risk in older men"...Regular physical exercise, "can reduce the risks of developing high blood pressure and heart disease in men, according to findings from two new studies." Check this out on the internet, the proof is out there.

8. Walking benefits all ages and both sexes.
Walking is also an exercise well suited to those who have been inactive for a while - you may want to start at a comfortable pace. Beginning with a slower pace will allow you to become physically fit without straining your body. Once you are fitter, you can gradually do more.

9. Walking can help recovery from many ailments.
Walking is often a central element of medical rehabilitation. Recovery from various illnesses is aided by regular walking, including recovery from heart attack..

10. Walking is enjoyable
Walking an enjoyable route or in pleasant surroundings means that walking for exercise does not become an unwelcome chore, but that the opportunities to be active are enjoyed to the full. Therefore, regular exercise can become a enjoyable and regular part of your life, rather than a short-term unsustainable burst of activity.

For many of us, the reality is that we are unable to suddenly incorporate a new or vigorous activity permanently into our weekly schedule. If we succeed initially, the aches and pains caused by our initial enthusiasm soon means that our well-meaning intentions are a thing of the past.

With regular walking, this can often be incorporated INTO the daily routine, and as a gentle exercise, shouldn’t make your body ache as you start the exercise through walking more regularly.

If you need to get fitter or want to have a trimmer body, then take our tip and start incorporating regular walking into your routine today.

So start walking your way to health and happiness now and reward yourself with a relaxing and healthy LancasterAuthentic walking vacation!


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